eBay expert consultant in the UK.  I offer a range of services but also any bespoke work on application, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Virtual Consultancy Day – This is identical to the on site visit but split into online sessions booked by you on a convenient day and time.  I will look over your eBay shop and listings and make recommendations for your account.  This is followed by 6 virtual hours at your convenience over zoom looking at all parts of your eBay operation and processes.

I will help you to understand eBay Best Match search and dispel any myths or mysteries surrounding eBay SEO.  We’ll also tackle any other problems you may have.  I’ll cover a set number of subjects around eBay tools and search, explain how The Best Match search works too.  I have over 20 years experience in this field.  This is followed by 14 days support over Zoom or email to help you on your way.  You can book that here

Full Day Consultancy on site – This has the best results.  I spend a day with you on site or you may wish to travel to me in South Derbyshire.  I work on you account before the day.  We’ll cover things as in the virtual day but face to face.  I’ll give 14 days email and screenshare support afterwards to help you on your way to better eBay sales.  Please contact me here for more details of this service.  

One Hour eBay Surgery – 1 hour on zoom online meeting software that is reliable and secure.  We meet online and share screens so I can help you with any eBay problems you may be having. Book here.

If you would like to book more than one hour and book a block of hours to be taken at your convenience there are discount codes for these block bookings, please contact me here for these.