By booking an appointment with me you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


Please note that any appointment or travel plans disrupted by COVID-19 government announcements will be met equally by myself and the client for rescheduling the appointment where no refunds are available for travel, hotel and venue costs.  I will endeavour to use flexible rates and additional insurance on these where possible.  All dates affected will be rescheduled for a later date OR by prior agreement, will be done remotely over a period of separate hourly appointments rather than a single day.

I will take the utmost care before and during a visit according to the NHS guidelines for prevention and spreading of COVID-19 and will expect the same from the clients I visit or who visit me here in South Derbyshire.   NHS Guidelines are here.

Consultancy Day Bookings

All client bookings will be on a pro forma payment basis unless otherwise agreed in advance. I’ll book any advanced food, accommodation, office/venue hire costs, train or air fare tickets where required after payment has been received.

Please be aware that booking is not final until payment has been received.

Train, air fare, office/venue hire, hotel booking costs or any additional costs will still be chargeable to the client once purchased should you wish cancel or change the date. These are accurate at time of quote and valid for 7 days. A light lunch will be provided by the client should I meet you at your premises.

If you travel to me for a meeting in South Derbyshire DE11 8LP, lunch and venue hire will be included in the venue hire cost and is also non refundable once booked.

I prefer Bank Transfer but payment via credit/debit card via Stripe and Paypal is accepted via the booking page at JaneBell.co.uk  Payment via Stripe using all major credit cards for price on application consultancy days is also available and I will send you a link to this.

Cancellation for Consultancy Days

In case of CANCELLATION of a consultancy day, I’ll need FOURTEEN DAYS NOTICE.  Cancellations within 14 days will be charged in full for cancellation; or if you need to move the date then this will be charged at an additional 50% for the new booking date plus relevant additional travel, venue hire or accommodation expenses.  (I will give you a code for this).

Consultancy day bookings made within fourteen days notice will be charged at 100% if cancelled by the client. This does not apply to class/eBay Surgery/GotoMeeting bookings (please see below for these terms).

A credit note will be given for all cancellations prior to fourteen days before booking date to enable you to book another date. I will issue a code to book the consultancy day again which will be valid for 6 months from the original date of booking.

Rebooked, previously cancelled dates will be charged at 100% if moved for a second time under any circumstances.

Refunds will only be given in extreme circumstances, please bare this in mind before making your booking.

In case of cancellation due to extremely bad weather another date will be offered and additional travel/hotel expenses will be shared by both myself and the client. If cancelled by client then above cancellation terms will apply.

Support Codes

Support codes issued will be valid for a period of 30 days from the consultancy date for half hour support sessions.  These support sessions are for account(s) owned by the client and dealt with during the consultancy day only.  This code can be used after the 30 day support period to book any further type of appointment with me at a discount of 10% within 12 months of original booking date.  Codes supplied in any other circumstance must be used within the time/dates given and in any case within 12 months after the booking date, no exceptions.

Although this is for unlimited support, please book one appointment at a time.  I reserve the right to restrict appointments should they be considered more than a fair usage as this prevents other clients from getting time with me.  Should I run out of appointments in your allotted 30 days and you need support, please contact me and I’ll book a suitable time for you.

All information and materials supplied in any form is provided solely for the eBay clients business use and should not be shared or distributed in any way or form or used outside this use unless prior permission is granted by me.  No unauthorised recording, screen casting or filming of me without prior consent is allowed.

I reserve the right to cancel or move any booking to another suitable time in extreme circumstances.  In this case the cost of any travel, room hire, accommodation etc will be met by me.

All information and advice will help you improve sales on eBay however, I am unable to control your account and seller performance metrics and therefore eBay imposed sanctions restricting visibility in search due to bad seller metrics, poor seller performance and feedback are beyond my control. It is the responsibility of the eBay client to keep their account in good standing with eBay to prevent eBay visibility sanctions.

I can not control the amount of work required by you to improve sales so I can not and will not promise a rise in sales after consultancy day as this is beyond my control.  I will help you during the support period to improve these metrics but again it is up to you to keep your account in good standing.

You are purchasing my time and advice and not a promise of sales as this is due to the work you do after our meeting.

Class & eBay Surgery Online GotoMeeting Bookings

Please book these in advance.  Please test the link in the email after booking to ensure you can attend without difficulty.  If you do not receive the email please contact me as soon as possible after booking.  Email links to meeting generally take around 10 minutes to get to you, please check your spam folder for these.

No refunds here for unattended meetings, equipment failure or forgotten bookings as you’ve taken up a space in the small class or a booked hour and this blocks my calendar for anyone else to book so please contact me if you have any problems.

No screen, screen casting, voice recording, speech to text or social media casting of any kind and no sharing of information or materials on public forums.  These are meant as a general discussion/advice surgery and not account specific or for use for any commercial purpose.

These are meant for existing eBay Business sellers, no consultants or solution providers are permitted in these classes or surgeries. You can contact me separately about this sort of advice as I can provide expertise to other consultants and trainers on request.  I reserve the right to cancel or move any booking.